I’ve Moved!

I have simply had enough!  WordPress has made it absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for my friends, family, and readers to make comments on this blog.  Therefore, I have moved to here.

A blog is no fun when there can be no interaction and no feedback.  Sorry, WordPress, but until you get rid of this Akismet spam (and non-spam) blocking program, I will NOT be back.

My new blog home is easy to find – www.kelmosworld.com

No more “.wordpress.com”, or “.blog.com.”  Short, sweet, and to the point. 

Now, go.  Check it out!


Don’t Forget to Vote…August is Coming

I’m still running the poll for what pet is best for a 3-year-old.  Her birthday is August 9th.   Please vote!



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Loves & Kisses

Whitney’s Maternity Shoot

I was lucky enough to get to do a small maternity shoot for my life-long friend, Whitney, who is expecting her second baby…a GIRL!!!

Check it out…



































I’d love to hear what everyone thinks of the pictures…favorites? Ones you don’t care for?

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A Pet for Annabelle?

Annabelle will be 3, in August, and I would like to get her a pet, for her birthday.  I think that Annabelle is finally old enough to start learning the responsibility of taking care of an animal. 

Here are the considerations of first pets:

  • Goldfish
  • Hamster
  • Kitten

Goldfish – sure, is fun to look at, but she can’t really play with it.  Plus, goldfish don’t really have a long life expectancy, and I don’t feel like explaining why Goldie is floating upside down in her fishbowl.

Hamster – they’re cute, tiny, cuddly, and super easy to care for.  The biggest problem with this option – Mark is 100% against it.  He had a guinea pig once, and now hates anything that resembles one.  Psh, I had a hamster in North Carolina (when I was pregnant with Annabelle), Charlie, and he was AWESOME!  He used to sit on my preggo belly and watch tv with me.  Man, I miss that little ball of fur.

Kitten – who doesn’t love a kitten?  Annabelle loves to play with the kitties at PopPop’s and Nanie’s, so why not get her one of her own?  The downside – kittens are expensive.  There’s the kitty litter, food, litter box, scoop, shots, not to mention getting it fixed and declawed.  Also, I have a friend, at work, that has the cutest little gray fuzzball that Annabelle would love.

Here’s where you come in…I need some input.   Is 3 a good age to have a first pet?  If so, what is a suitable first pet for a 3-year-old?

Since my comment section is on the fritz, I have added a poll below.  Please feel free to comment, but don’t get offended if it doesn’t show up (my spam settings have a mind of their own, right now).


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I am working on fixing this problem. Sorry if your comments haven’t been posted or responded to – I have not had access to them.

The site that I use for my blog (wordpress), automatically uses this Spam control program, called Akismet, and it has blocke 55 comments, just THIS MONTH!  Please leave a test comment below, then send me an e-mail, or comment on my Facebook, so I can figure out what is going on.

I assure you, if this software doesn’t stop blocking valid comments, I will be moving my blog to a site that doesn’t interfere (suggestions welcome).

Snapple – Made from the best stuff on Earth

Disclaimer: This post is not a reflection of Snapple. This post has also been edited to be family-friendly

Mom came to visit us, today, and while watching tv, a Snapple commercial came on. Mom started laughing and said Snapple always reminded her of Grandfather.
Now, I don’t remember Grandfather ever drinking Snapple (he was a Pepsi from the can kind of man), so I had to ask why.
I wasn’t prepared for the story that followed.

When I was younger, Grandfather asked Mom and Auntie El (not Em, this isn’t Oz) to take him to South Carolina.
Grandfather was originally from Gaffney, South Carolina, and he wanted to visit family, because they were all getting old and not likely to be around much longer.
On the trip down, they stopped to get gas and drinks. Since this story is about Snapple, you can guess what beverage Grandfather chose.
He twisted off the cap and handed it to Mom, telling her to read what was written on it.

“Made from the greatest stuff on Earth”

He then said, “You know what that means…it must have [kitty] in it.” (Yes, this was edited for posting purposes)

OMG! I about died laughing when Mom told me that story. After I finished laughing, I informed her that get story would be posted this afternoon, because it was too good to not share.
Told ya, Mom.

I love hearing old stories about Grandfather. He was a remarkable man – one of a kind, and I miss him. I love you, Grandfather. We’re still thinking about you, down here.


Flashback Friday

My Flashback Friday actually began on Thursday afternoon, but the fact that it was several things back to back, I’ve categorized them all together.

Thursday afternoon I went into my wallet to get some change for a drink , and found not one, but TWO bicentennial quarters.
My grandfather collected bicentennial quarters, and I never spend them. I’ve been sending all the ones I come across to Mom to join the rest of Grandfather’s collection, but I like keeping one or two. Occasionally I reach for a quarter (I always check them) and find that I still have one. It brings back memories of Grandfather and makes me smile.


That’s him – Reginald Carlton Tindall. I keep that picture posted on the wall, by my desk, at work.

Continuing the flashbacks: For those of you who don’t know me personally, I take pictures of the vehicles at the dealership, where I work, for the websites. This morning, I was prepping a Saturn Outlook, when some awesome music from my childhood came on.
Check it out.



Of course, I cranked it up and jammed to the music of my Tweens (yes, I’m that young). It made my day.

Well, that’s it for my Flashback Friday. Mom is coming up, tomorrow, to spend time with the kids and I – Can’t wait!!! Stay tuned for pics.

Best App Ever!

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I am a HUGE Trace Adkins fan! While checking my Facebook News Feed, I clicked on a link from the Trace Adkins fan page, and got an amazing surprise.
While reading the article (the primary reason that I clicked on the link) this little box popped up and asked if I wanted to download the Trace Adkins app.
A Trace Adkins app? YES, PLEASE!
I didn’t even read what the app was about, until after I started the download.
Apparently its a compilation of everything Trace. It has everything from his music, to his videos, to where you can see him in concert, to when you can catch him on tv and the big screen. Can you tell that I’m super-duper excited?
I am a happy girl.


Tonight has been such a huge win, for me, that I just had to share.  Not only did I manage to cook dinner WITHOUT burning myself, but Annabelle cooperated and did not start whining for something to eat as soon as we walked in the door (like she does every other night).  Then, Christopher allowed us to make it through an entire evening meal without crying and fussing.

WOW!  A whole dinner with NO whining or crying?  How did we manage that one?  I don’t know, but you’re not going to hear me complaining.

After dinner, Annabelle had been promised that she could watch a movie, so I got her set up, and she enjoyed “Ice Age.”  Christopher got a little fussy, but after a bottle and some music from Daddy’s phone, he drifted off to sleep in his swing.  This allowed Mommy and Daddy time to do some much needed cleaning.  We got the fridge cleaned out, all of the dishes and bottles washed, the stove top scrubbed and degreased, the trash and recycling taken out to the curb, the counters cleaned, and the floors swept.  Talk about an accomplishment.  Getting an entire room seriously cleaned on a week night?  Unheard of!

Then, I wanted to get on my computer, but my netbook has been having a difficult time connecting to the wireless internet, lately.  Since I was on a streak, I ventured upstairs to tackle the router….and WON!

I believe that’s a score of 3 – 0 for Mom.  UNDEFEATED!

Now, the old wives tale says that good things come in three’s, so I’m not going to push my luck tonight.  I’ll take the undefeated streak and put my happy butt to bed.

Down with the Sickness

Do you know what’s worse than being sick? Becoming sick in an instant and having two kids fighting for your attention while trying to get yourself together. So much fun. :/

Since I’m not feeling well, enjoy these few pictures of Annabelle, from tonight.



Oh, and one more thing – a very special Happy Birthday to my wonderful Uncle Bill. We love you, Uncles.

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