Growing up too fast?

As many of you know, tomorrow is Annabelle’s 2nd birthday, and some days, I wonder if both myself and society are making her grow up too fast.

I’m so proud of my daughter.  She knows her ABC’s and she can count to 10.  She recognizes many nursery rhymes, and attempts to sing them by herself.  She wants what she wants and she doesn’t give it up until she either gets what she wants or she gets in trouble. But I can’t help but miss the days when she needed me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Annabelle still needs me for some things, but what happened to the days when she totally and completely relied on me for everything.  Those were the days when I had to carry her everywhere and tote a car full of baby accessories with us, wherever we went.  Nowadays, a few spare diapers and a package of wipes in the car, and we’re set.  She even insists of drinking out of a  “big people” cup when she sees Mommy do it.  She’s working on potty training, and its not because I forced her to.  One day she just decided she wanted to use the potty, and here we are.

I am now faced with the next dilemma of motherhood – when to take away the binky?  I always thought that it would be so simple to get rid of the notorious binky – we’d just “lose” them slowly, and when they were gone, then they were gone.  YEAH, RIGHT!  Even with a binky and blankie, she still cries when I put her to bed, not for very long, but its still tough.  No matter what, she is my baby, and I don’t like her crying when there is something I can do to fix it.  I have tried making the binky “disappear” before, but after 15 minutes, or so, of screaming and crying, I caved and “magically found” a binky.  Only then was the world was back to being okay, and bedtime was possible again.

So, now I pose my question: Is it wrong for a 2-year-old to still sleep with a binky?  It’s not like I let her walk around with it all the time; it’s just a night-/nap-time thing, but it’s a vital part of our bed-time routine.  If it is, in fact, time for binky to permanently disappear, how do I get it out of our routine?  As soon as we get in Belle’s bedroom, she starts whining for “biiinnnkkkkyyy.”  Let’s not even get started on when she’s sick.  I definitely can not say “no” when she’s so pitiful.

Tonight I shall try something new – I am going to post a poll at the bottom of my blog.  I greatly appreciate any and all input and suggestions.

On a much happier note: I was able to take off work tomorrow, so I can spend the whole day with my birthday girl.  Annabelle, Mommy, Mark, GeeGee, and PopPop will be spending the day together.  I am so excited.

Happy Birthday, Annabelle.  And remember….

I will love you for forever and a day.

Auf Weidershen



  1. Ashley Jackson

    Hey Kelli. I know plenty of 2 yrs still got the binky but if u do try to take it away. tell her to give it to the crying babies or the babies who dont have one. if that dont work try cutting the tip off of it she be sucking air and I heard it works she wont want it 🙂 I hope this helps. I know im not a mother but Im around plenty to know some things and tricks 🙂

    • Thanks, for the advice. I guess it’s going to be a process of elimination, until something works.


      • Ashley Jackson

        ur very welcome. ur a great mom 🙂

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