Happy Birthday, Annabelle!

Yes, today marks the 2-year anniversary of my daughter’s grand appearance to this world.  It seems like only yesterday I was dreaming about the person she would be, and anxiously awaiting her arrival.  Now, I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

Because Belles’ birthday fell on a Tuesday, this year, I took an extra shift over the weekend, so I could have off today, to spend the WHOLE day with my birthday girl, and what a great day it was.

See how proud Mommy was.

Mommy, Mark, GeeGee, and PopPop all spent the day celebrating with Annabelle.  We started the day searching all over Salisbury for a Mickey Mouse cake pan for Sunday’s birthday party, to finally find one at Micheal’s.

For all of you saying, “Duh,” right now – BITE ME.

Then, we moved to the mall, where Annabelle “thought” she wanted to ride the “horsies.”

Apparently the "horsies" are only cool in theory.

So, since the “horsies” were an EPIC FAIL, we continued on.  Next stop: FYE.

She cheesed so hard it looked like she was fussing, but how could she be upset when GeeGee let her play with her cell phone.

After we were done with a little shopping, it was time for lunch, at Ruby Tuesdays.  With a belly full of salad and grilled cheese, it was time for cake!

Everyone knows you have to sing "Happy Birthday" before you can dig into the cake.

Annabelle's favorite part: licking the icing off the bottom of the Spongebob decorations.

Now that Annabelle was hyped up on sugar, its time to burn it all off.  Next stop: kids play area.

"Look, Mommy, I slide."

After all that, the birthday girl was pooped!  We headed home for a nap, and a little quality time.  It was a great day off – I only wish we had more like it.

A special thank you to GeeGee, PopPop, and Mark for making today so much fun.  We love you all.

And to my big, birthday princess, Annabelle: I will love you for forever and a day.

Auf Weidershen
*Note – fell free to check out my Face Book page for more pictures of today’s fun.


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