Peace and Quiet

It has been a crazy couple of days, so I am thankful for the peace and quiet I am enjoying right now.

Friday, Annabelle woke up with a fever of 104.  Needless to say, I had to call out of work, notify daycare, and make an appointment with the pediatrician.  Good news: it wasn’t an ear infection.  Bad news: we didn’t know what was causing the fever.  After Belle’s took a bite of her lunch, and wouldn’t eat again, I felt her gums.


Even though I knew what was wrong, and knew that she wasn’t actually sick, I couldn’t send her to daycare with a fever.  So, we sat home and cuddled all day.  It was a pretty good day (except for the fever part).

Saturday, Annabelle still had a fever.  She wanted to play, but she wasn’t herself.  Mom came over to watch Belles, while I cleaned the house in preparation for Belles’ birthday party, on Sunday.  Come 4 o’clock, it was time to pack up and go to a friend’s house to help make and decorate cakes and cupcakes for the party.  We didn’t go home until 9ish, and we were pooped.

Sunday morning, the fever was gone!  But there was still a ton to do.  The party started at 2 o’clock, so Annabelle and I laid down to catch a small nap before everyone arrived.  Uncle Elmo was the first to show up, so he got volunteered to go with Mark to pick up pizzas.  By 2 o’clock, the house was full of wound up kids and their parents.  It was AWESOME!

Seriously, I had a blast.

Annabelle was a ham and a half when it came time for everyone to sing “Happy Birthday” to her.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile that hard.  Thirty, or so, people, all gathered around her, and singing to her – she LOVED it!

Then it was time for gifts, and this year, she understood the concept.  I could barely get the card open and she had the present unwrapped.

By 5 o’clock, almost everyone had gone home, and it was definitely time for Belles to have another nap.  There was a lot going on, and she was into it all.

After all that, it was pizza (leftover from the party) for dinner, and time for everyone to go to bed.

After a great weekend, it was back to the grind, today.  UGH, Monday!

As if Monday’s aren’t already bad enough, lets add a missed Friday, from work, and a busy weekend, that left me wanting another Sunday.  Then, I got to go to work today, only to be accused of calling out on Friday, just to make my weekend longer – EVEN THOUGH, I had a note, from the pediatrician, IN MY HAND!

And, to top it all off, this week, I will be playing catch-up and get-ahead, all at the same time.

That’s right – DISNEY VACATION starts in 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

You know what, I’m going to end this on that positive note….and it has “nothing” to do with the fact that the living room has now been taken over, and it is no longer quiet. 🙂

Oops!  One last note, Happy Birthday, Mark.  Love you, babe.


Annabelle, I will love you for forever and a day.

Auf Weidershen




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