Remodeling the Blog

I started this blog when my Microsoft Live blog mysteriously stopped working.  I had enjoyed having an outlet, while I was staying at home, with Annabelle.  However, when I started working again, I lost touch.

Then, I started this blog.  Mom had moved to Chincoteague, and missed having the updates.  Not to mention, I missed the emotional outlet.

Thus, “Forever and a Day” was born.  This soon became difficult to keep up, as well.  Josh and I were in the middle of a custody and divorce battle, and I had to be very careful what I wrote about.

Eventually, I quit.

It’s hard to have a blog where you can’t write about the things you truly want to write about, therefore I have decided that I need to remodel and refocus my blog.

DON’T PANIC!  I’m not going to completely avoid the motherly topics – I can’t help but brag about my awesome kids – but I plan to expand my topics, therefore attracting more readers.  Isn’t that the purpose for a blog, anyways?  To attract readers with common thoughts?

So, here it is.  New topics will include Mom Tips (like this one), things every woman should know (see here), household  projects (we’ve got a laundry list of projects to tackle), photography adventures, getting healthy, Pinterest successes and fails, and maybe even some Q&A sessions.  Of course, Annabelle and Christopher will still be a part of majority of these blogs, they will not be the sole topics.  I am also open to suggestions.  If you want to know something about me and my family, photography, or even the car business (since I work there every day) – leave a comment, send me a message – I’ll do a blog just for you.

One more thing, if I start lagging, again – Kick My A$$! I really need to commit to this.

Off we go………….


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