A couple of months ago, I was browsing Pinterest, and came across this thing…

Faster version of scrapbooking. For little memories?

(Yes, it is hyper linked to the original post)

Essentially, it is a quick, easy, and random version of scrapbooking. Now, I have scrapbooked, in the past, but I just don’t have time these days. I love the concept, but I don’t have the time to completely create everything, from scratch. That’s why the a Smash book is so AWESOME – half the work is already done for you.

I got a baby-themed one for Christopher. Check it out.

This is Christopher’s Smash book (it’s K&Company’s baby theme). Note the Smash stick attached to the side by a matching elastic band. No more searching for a glue stick or pen when I need to add something.

The Smash stick – pen on one end, glue stick on the other. Genius!

K&Company puts this on the inside of every Smash book. A little inspiration to get you started.

The first page of Christopher’s Smash book.
I glued his name bracelet here, since there’s not really a place, up front, to put that this is his book.

K&Company also makes these little sticky notes, with little sayings printed on them, to put where ever your heart desires.
As you can see, Christopher snuggling with his Daddy “makes me happy.”

I chose not to put pictures on this spread. The chart-looking print was too perfect for keeping track of Christopher’s growth.
Every time he goes to the doctor, I put his age, the date, his weight, and his length.

Yes, that is a cutout of his special formula, and his first prescription for his acid reflux medicine. See what I mean? You can put whatever you want in these – whatever is important to you.

Finally, the birth announcement page. Why this isn’t the first page spread, I don’t know, but at least it is in here.
The picture in the upper left corner was the first time I got to hold Christopher. Below that is a picture of his footprints on his baby basket. The picture doesn’t do them justice – he had skiis.

Get it? “B” is for Beautiful (like it says), but it’s also for Bath and Bear.
Ah, the first bath picture. He really did scream like that the whole time.
And the bear hat. GeeGee could have made a fortune selling those in the maternity ward – everyone asked where they could get one.

I haven’t filled this one out…yet. Simply because, its difficult to pick 10 things that I love about either of my kids – I love everything about them.
Just between you and me, there will be more than one thing in each of those spaces, when I’m done. But, then again, I’m making it, so there’s no wrong way for me to do it.

See, Pinterest isn’t just for browsing, pinning, and forgetting about it. This was the second Pinterest-inspired project that I have done. And don’t worry, I got a separate Smash book for the entire family. Maybe I’ll share that one a little later.


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