A Work in Progress

I am determined to make my posts regular, so I have been doing a lot of blog reading.  I browse the “freshly pressed” section of WordPress, check out a friend’s blog, and even some blogs that she recommends.  I think I’ve got some interesting blogs brewing, but they’re not quite ready, yet.

Here’s a preview of things you can expect to see:

  • Sock bun tutorial (I am obsessed with these, and there’s a special way to do it when you have lots of layers)
  • Favorite iPhone photography apps (I have more than I probably should)
  • Make-up favorites (brands, colors, etc.)
  • The League challenges
  • Wordless(ish) Wednesdays
  • Currently (see here)
  • Naked face challenge (this is going to take some time…I love my make-up too much)
  • Favorite mixed drink tutorials (because I’m not pregnant, anymore)

Not to mention regular updates on the kids, and Pinterest-inspired projects (I’m currently planning a family binder & diy maxi dress).

Oh, and we’ve got a ton of remodeling projects planned for this summer, so I’m sure that will show up here and there.

If you know of any awesome blogs, let me know.  I’m always looking for more inspiration.


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