One of those days….

We all have them, and they suck.   You know, those days where you feel completely beat down and defeated.  Yeah, I’m having one of those days.

It’s not that anything bad, or different happened today, its just that it all finally caught up with me.  I’ve been running and running, and I just haven’t had anytime to just stop.  For some reason, I was busier than ever, today, and my thoughts were able to keep up.

June always seems to be a sucky month for me.  Between Grandfather’s birthday and the anniversary of the crash, I get in this funk that lasts for the majority of the month.  Yeah, I know that these things shouldn’t bother me anymore, but I can’t forget.  Add this to the stresses of everyday life, and here I am.


I try, I really do.  Most people don’t notice that the smile on my face is just a mask, but I know the truth.  Mark knows the truth, and so does Dad.  They really try to cheer me up, but June just hurts.

There are, however, some positives to this month.

  1. My awesome nephew, Tripp, was born on June 13, 2009.  That little blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy makes me smile.
  2. We added a new member to the family, this week.  Donielle and Caleb Shores welcomed their little girl, Autumn Bea, into this world, this past Wednesday.  Unfortunately, they live way up north, so I’m not really sure when we will be able to coordinate schedules for a family get-together.
  3. Father’s Day – I love my dad, and he’s done so much for me, over the years.  Plus, this is Mark’s first Father’s Day, as a father.  I’ve got some plans to try to make it extra-special for him.
  4. The weather.  It’s finally summer, and its nice to be able to play outside, now that the pollen has calmed down a bit.

I guess I’m just having a pity-party tonight, but its over now.  Time to put on the big girl panties and keep on truckin’ (yes, the cliches were 100% necessary).  Tomorrow is a new day, and I’ve got a pretty awesome day planned.


Sneak Preview of Tomorrow’s Blog

My work is sponsoring the bands at this year’s Federalsburg VFW Motorcycle Show, and I get to take some trucks up for display.  I’m hoping for a beautiful day, plenty of good company, and some awesome pictures.  Follow me on #Instagram (@kelmo1388) for pictures throughout the day.


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