Flashback Friday

My Flashback Friday actually began on Thursday afternoon, but the fact that it was several things back to back, I’ve categorized them all together.

Thursday afternoon I went into my wallet to get some change for a drink , and found not one, but TWO bicentennial quarters.
My grandfather collected bicentennial quarters, and I never spend them. I’ve been sending all the ones I come across to Mom to join the rest of Grandfather’s collection, but I like keeping one or two. Occasionally I reach for a quarter (I always check them) and find that I still have one. It brings back memories of Grandfather and makes me smile.


That’s him – Reginald Carlton Tindall. I keep that picture posted on the wall, by my desk, at work.

Continuing the flashbacks: For those of you who don’t know me personally, I take pictures of the vehicles at the dealership, where I work, for the websites. This morning, I was prepping a Saturn Outlook, when some awesome music from my childhood came on.
Check it out.



Of course, I cranked it up and jammed to the music of my Tweens (yes, I’m that young). It made my day.

Well, that’s it for my Flashback Friday. Mom is coming up, tomorrow, to spend time with the kids and I – Can’t wait!!! Stay tuned for pics.


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