Snapple – Made from the best stuff on Earth

Disclaimer: This post is not a reflection of Snapple. This post has also been edited to be family-friendly

Mom came to visit us, today, and while watching tv, a Snapple commercial came on. Mom started laughing and said Snapple always reminded her of Grandfather.
Now, I don’t remember Grandfather ever drinking Snapple (he was a Pepsi from the can kind of man), so I had to ask why.
I wasn’t prepared for the story that followed.

When I was younger, Grandfather asked Mom and Auntie El (not Em, this isn’t Oz) to take him to South Carolina.
Grandfather was originally from Gaffney, South Carolina, and he wanted to visit family, because they were all getting old and not likely to be around much longer.
On the trip down, they stopped to get gas and drinks. Since this story is about Snapple, you can guess what beverage Grandfather chose.
He twisted off the cap and handed it to Mom, telling her to read what was written on it.

“Made from the greatest stuff on Earth”

He then said, “You know what that means…it must have [kitty] in it.” (Yes, this was edited for posting purposes)

OMG! I about died laughing when Mom told me that story. After I finished laughing, I informed her that get story would be posted this afternoon, because it was too good to not share.
Told ya, Mom.

I love hearing old stories about Grandfather. He was a remarkable man – one of a kind, and I miss him. I love you, Grandfather. We’re still thinking about you, down here.



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