A Pet for Annabelle?

Annabelle will be 3, in August, and I would like to get her a pet, for her birthday.  I think that Annabelle is finally old enough to start learning the responsibility of taking care of an animal. 

Here are the considerations of first pets:

  • Goldfish
  • Hamster
  • Kitten

Goldfish – sure, is fun to look at, but she can’t really play with it.  Plus, goldfish don’t really have a long life expectancy, and I don’t feel like explaining why Goldie is floating upside down in her fishbowl.

Hamster – they’re cute, tiny, cuddly, and super easy to care for.  The biggest problem with this option – Mark is 100% against it.  He had a guinea pig once, and now hates anything that resembles one.  Psh, I had a hamster in North Carolina (when I was pregnant with Annabelle), Charlie, and he was AWESOME!  He used to sit on my preggo belly and watch tv with me.  Man, I miss that little ball of fur.

Kitten – who doesn’t love a kitten?  Annabelle loves to play with the kitties at PopPop’s and Nanie’s, so why not get her one of her own?  The downside – kittens are expensive.  There’s the kitty litter, food, litter box, scoop, shots, not to mention getting it fixed and declawed.  Also, I have a friend, at work, that has the cutest little gray fuzzball that Annabelle would love.

Here’s where you come in…I need some input.   Is 3 a good age to have a first pet?  If so, what is a suitable first pet for a 3-year-old?

Since my comment section is on the fritz, I have added a poll below.  Please feel free to comment, but don’t get offended if it doesn’t show up (my spam settings have a mind of their own, right now).


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