I think that I have messed with the wrong settings on my blog, making all comments get automatically marked as spam, and deleted. If you have posted a comment, in the last month, please send me an e-mail @
I am working on fixing this problem. Sorry if your comments haven’t been posted or responded to – I have not had access to them.

The site that I use for my blog (wordpress), automatically uses this Spam control program, called Akismet, and it has blocke 55 comments, just THIS MONTH!  Please leave a test comment below, then send me an e-mail, or comment on my Facebook, so I can figure out what is going on.

I assure you, if this software doesn’t stop blocking valid comments, I will be moving my blog to a site that doesn’t interfere (suggestions welcome).



  1. Kelli

    Test Comment

    • I Think I have this problem fixed. Please feel free to comment on posts for me to verify.

      Kelli Anne

  2. onlinefunland

    Hope you fix it soon !

    • Apparently, once Akismet flags someone as Spam, they are permanently flagged. I have not found a way to reset it, and Akismet won’t let me see the comments that it deletes as Spam.
      If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

      • onlinefunland

        Good Morning!
        Hope you’ll be fine!
        Frankly speaking this is my first blog (onlinefunland) on wordpress , it’s my first experience here.
        But I suggest you some tips , may be useful for you !
        For comment control please go to
        Setting – Discussion – Then Check / Uncheck the boxes according to your priorities. (It’s better you uncheck “Don’t discard spam on old posts”)
        2) Make it a habit to daily visit Comments Folder and see All –Approved-Pending -Spam-Trash
        Do the necessary action there daily
        I wish it help you
        All The best
        If you have anything to ask again, please don’t hesitate ….I’m all ears too:D

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