I’ve Moved!

I have simply had enough!  WordPress has made it absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for my friends, family, and readers to make comments on this blog.  Therefore, I have moved to here.

A blog is no fun when there can be no interaction and no feedback.  Sorry, WordPress, but until you get rid of this Akismet spam (and non-spam) blocking program, I will NOT be back.

My new blog home is easy to find – www.kelmosworld.com

No more “.wordpress.com”, or “.blog.com.”  Short, sweet, and to the point. 

Now, go.  Check it out!



  1. Al From Bay Shore

    This is such a common problem! I don’t know much about you blog, in fact, I am one of those political animals that frequents a portion of the blogosphere that hasn’t much to do with they things you probably blog about. My point is that I punched in Askimet sucks and your blog, in addition to countless others, came up. By the way, my name is Alton and I too am utterly incensed with Askimet. This problem seems to be so pervasive and has been this way for some time with no correction whatsoever.

  2. Yep, WordPress is one of those companies where the idiot who runs it thinks he knows more than others. I have a friend who is well respected in his profession that for some reason the akismet filter seems to have black listed most of his comments.
    When is this company going to drop this joke called akismet?

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