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Video Update

Yesterday I said that I was working on figuring out how to post videos to my blog, and I was stumped. Well, I think I’ve figured it out. Keep an eye out for a test post later today, then the tutorials will begin. Anyone else excited (besides me, of course)? Advertisements

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A Work in Progress

I am determined to make my posts regular, so I have been doing a lot of blog reading.  I browse the “freshly pressed” section of WordPress, check out a friend’s blog, and even some blogs that she recommends.  I think I’ve got some interesting blogs brewing, but they’re not quite ready, yet. Here’s a preview …

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Remodeling the Blog

I started this blog when my Microsoft Live blog mysteriously stopped working.  I had enjoyed having an outlet, while I was staying at home, with Annabelle.  However, when I started working again, I lost touch. Then, I started this blog.  Mom had moved to Chincoteague, and missed having the updates.  Not to mention, I missed …

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